Organizing Your Summer Makeup

organising summer makeup

If you’re like most girls, you have a giant makeup hoard hiding in one of your bathroom drawers. From blue mascaras to all forms of foundations to all those eyeliners we just had to try (but never wore again), there are lots of hidden treasures (and countless duds) in our makeup drawers. And in the summer, things only get worse. We add in sunscreens and bronzers, blushes and body glitters. Things only get more disorganized during warm weather. That’s why a having a cosmetic organiser like the ones at is super important.

 A professional grade cosmetic case will let you organize all your essentials.

Bulky products like powders and foundations will fit in the large, open compartment at the bottom. Smaller things can easily be sorted into the top level trays. You can separate lipsticks from eye shadows or separate by color. The sides of these types of cases usually come with pencil or makeup brush holders, as well, so you’ll never have to hunt for them.

 If you re like me, you’ve got way too many lipsticks to search through when you’re looking for that one shade. You know which one. The one you wore to your sister’s bachelorette party with the pink dress and the strappy sandals. The night you met that guy…you know the one. Chances are, if you loved that lipstick then, there’ll be a night this summer when you need to find it pronto. And that’s where your new train case can come in.

Have a look!

organising summer make up

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