Wonder Hands

cicalfate avene

Every since I got engaged, I have had this beautiful ring sitting on my fingers. While I could not be happier to wear it every day – and I still do look at it several times a day! – I realised that my hands were…  well not that glam.

I have had problems of dry hands and fingers for a little while and even got a few cracks this winter. I tried many hand creams, and while some have pleasant scents, they usually aren’t moisturizing enough for me. 

After finishing the tube of my last shea butter hand cream, I decided to try next the Cicalfate repairing hand cream from Avène.

cicalfate avene

Cicalfate is a cream specifically designed to repair and sooth irritated skin. It is great for anyone who has broken skin, rash or eczema or people with sensitive skin in general. The formulas contains Avène thermal water and an association of sucralfate, which help not only soothing but also tissue regeneration and speed up skin healing.

I appreciated the fact that the cream soaks into the skin quite quickly and does not leave greasy residue as is sometimes the case with heavier formulas (like the ones based on shea butter). The cream also had an instant “soothing effect” on my awfully dry fingers. After using it for a little while, I noticed that I needed fewer reapplications and I am happy to say that after a month of treatment, my hands are now silky, smooth, hydrated and soft again.

cicalfate avene

After all, hands that show off a new bit of jewelry deserve to be pampered a little bit!

Cicalfate Repairing Hand Cream, Avène


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