Eye Skin Care

lancome eye cream

When I noticed at the start of this year my first two fine lines around the eyes, I freaked out and decided that it was time to add specific eye care products to my skin-care routine.

After a bit of research, I decided to try 2 products from Lancôme: the Bi-Facil makeup remover (voted “Best Beauty Buy 2014” by InStyle and often described as the holy grail of eye makeup remover) and the Visionnaire Eye Corrector, an eye cream which claims to help fight 2 common eye problems, wrinkles and dark circles.

bi facil lancome

Bi-Facil is a lotion specifically formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lenses wearers. I found the formula a little bit oily but it is the price to pay if you want to have a soft, un-harmful makeup remover solution for eyes. I love the “blue lagoon” colour of the product and the fact that you have to shake the bottle before using it to ‘activate’ – mix – the two formulas it contains before using it. I found it fun!

It works well on waterproof makeup although, with waterproof makeup, you must really hold and pat the cotton pads on your eyes for a minute or so before trying to remove the makeup. This is a necessary step to ‘soften’ the makeup and make sure that you won’t have to rub or pull harshly your eyes.

visionnaire lancome

In the world of eye creams, it seems that products are designed to either fight wrinkles or minimize dark circles but rarely both. So I was really pleased to see that Lancôme created a product to tackle both problems.

The Visionnaire Eye Corrector contains Lancôme’s LR 2412 molecule, the same one present in their original Visionnaire facial cream which was a bit hit last year. Lancôme added some titanium dioxide and other mineral pigments in their formula to slightly colour and brighten dark circles around the eyes.

I never used a cream that’s specific to eyes before and I must say that I was really pleased with the result. The texture is perfectly right for this thin skin area, quickly absorbed and I felt that the skin around my eyes was adequately hydrated and even toned for this first time. The slight coloration of the cream also really helps brighten my eyes which I really appreciated on those “tired eyes days”. 

eye massage

The only thing is that I did not find the applicator of the tube helpful at all so decided to use another applicator which I found with another cream: it is a little metallic tool to cool the skin and improve micro-circulation. And ladies, this is just absolute heaven for the eyes. A miracle tool! I even used it on my boyfriend the other night to relax his eyes after too many hours spent working on computer at the office. This tool really helps.

lancome eye cream

Bi-Facil, 125ml, £21

Visionnaire Eye Corrector, 15ml, £40


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