The Smell of the Rain

Jo Malone Rain Collection

But not any kind of rain. City rain. And more precisely London rain.

This is the type of smell that inspired Jo Malone to create its new limited edition of fragrances: the London Rain collection.

The collection contains 4 different colognes, each denoting a different kind of rainy weather, from romantic and intense rainy mornings to wild rainstorms at night. 

White Jasmine & Mint, the one I chose, is inspired by an afternoon cloudburst. I love the dash of wild mint in the composition of the fragrance. Refreshing, subtle and easy to wear. The perfect 9-to-5 fragrance. This cologne is unisex too and I actually loved the idea to share it with my boyfriend in the morning!

I like to have a small collection of fragrances to play with for different occasions and different times of the year. I do have a signature fragrance of course that I come back to every now and then but I do not like the idea to wear the same fragrance every day, every night, every day of the year without considering what’s happening. If like me you like to play with your fragrances, this one is a beautiful eccentric one to add to your “fragrance wardrobe“. But hurry up, it is a limited edition..

London Rain Collection, Eau de Cologne, 100ml, £82

Jo Malone Rain Collection

London Rain Jo Malone

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