High Tech Skincare: Hyaluronic Sheet Masks

Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

I always loved a good face mask and recently became crazy with sheet masks.

Sheet masks are these strange looking masks, typically in cotton or fiber sheets, which are pre-cut into the shape of your face and soaked in liquid formulas to treat the skin. Wearing them feels a bit like taking part in a horror movie (tough to wear if your boyfriend is around). Korean beauty girls love them. They are one of the most effective new ways to inject good ingredients into your skin. A great new thing.

I tried many of them but my favourite one is the Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask developed by Indeed Laboratories. Indeed Laboratories is the laboratory behind best-selling products like the Nanoblur or the Hydraluron cream and their philosophy is simple: eliminate all marketing hype and costs to deliver cost-effective results. As a result, they are able to use very high concentrations of pure active ingredients and make fabulous products.

Their Hydraluron Sheet Masks come in a box of 4 which is essentially one month’s supply except that the fabric masks are saturated with so much product that you can easily use them a second time the next day if you want (just put them back in their individual pack again, close well and store them in your fridge). The sheet masks stick very well to your face so you can easily leave them more than the required 15mn as you can easily move around your house, read your magazine or book or call a friend with them on. At the end, just remember to massage gently the remaining serum of the mask into your skin for an extra hydrating boost.

One of the best in-depth treatments I got to try. Perfect to prep up my skin for spring!

Box of 4 sheets, £19.99, available at Boots


Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

Hydraluron Moisture Mask Indeed Laboratories

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