New Moon Yoga Meditation

yoga full new moon gong bath

I recently discovered a new yoga class which I adore: the “Full Moon” and the “New Moon” classes at Triyoga.

The class takes place when it is either the full moon or instead the new moon and mixes yoga and meditation to make you reflect on the things which you just did and achieved the previous month (Full Moon Class) or instead on the new objectives you want to set for yourself for the new month ahead (New Moon Class).

I tried the New Moon class so far and it was really cool. The teacher explained that each month is a chance to experience a fresh start and set new intentions for things we would like to create. He invites you to draw energy and inspiration from the energy of the new moon and also explains that the goals  you want to set yourself for the new month can be general or instead match the traits of the sign that month.

I loved it!

Full or New Moon Gong Baths Classes, £20

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