Product Review: HairMed Mineralising Serum


I often die my hair with chemical products so was very happy to receive this month a sample of HairMed’s new treatment: a specialised rinse-out serum aimed at remineralising hair.

The formula is based on several oligo-elements like zink, copper, iron and magnesium which are essential to remove chemical residues and remineralised and restructured porous hair after hair dying or chemical perm.

After 2 weeks, my blond hair seemed to have become a little bit shinier but also brighter I noticed. I liked the fact that it was a spray: easier to apply for lazy people like me than a mask. So yes, definitely a great and easy product to use as a cure after any chemical treatments on your hair!

N3 Mineralising Serum from HairMed, 18eur


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