3 Fab Lip Balms to Kiss Goodbye to Cracked Lips this Winter!

best lip balms

There is a ton of lip products out there in the market there but there’s nothing chicer in your handbag or more efficient than the market’s best lip balms.

Kiss chapped lips goodbye this winter with these 3 luxe treatments!

la mer lip balm

1. The Lip Balm, La Mer, 58eur

This Lip Balm contains the famous nutrient-rich Miracle Broth™ formula from La Mer (the same that you find in their super luxe face cream) which helps renew dry dead skin while a patented Lip Lipid Complex delivers moisture and strengthens lips’ moisture barrier to prevent further damage. Flavoured with a cool refreshing mint taste, the price might seem a bit high but my pot lasted almost 6 months since you really only use a very little bit of product each time thanks to the pot format.


Eucalyptus Lips Relief, Kiehl's

2. Eucalyptus Lips Relief, Kiehl’s, 9.50eur

This lip balm from Kiehl’s Travel Tested Solutions Collection is the best cooling treatment I tested to soothe deeply cracked lips. I also loved the fact that although rich and repairing, it did not shine too much.


ligne saint barth lip balm

3. Sugar Cane Lip Balm, Ligne St Barth, 35.50eur

This lip balm, made in the French Carabbean Island of St Barth, contains sugarcane extract and seven natural oils and three waxes. The texture is fab and the smell just divine!


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