Thermal Waters: Where to Jump In!

mountain spa

1. Bormio

Dive into more than 2,000 years of history in the Roman baths of Bormio! These baths have been famous from the first century B.C. when ancient travellers use to come here for a regenerating bath in the thermal waters before continuing their tiresome climb to the Alps. Try the Saint Martin Grotto: a natural steam cave sauna, unique in the world, which you reach after a detoxifying route taking place through tunnels penetrating into the rock of the mountain or simply immerse yourself in the hot (38° – 40°C) outdoor pool and admire the sweeping view over the valley of Bormio and the surrounding Dolomite mountains. A unique experience!

bormio terme

Open air pool, Bagni Vecchi, Bormio

bormio terme

Grotta Sudatoria, Bagni Vecchi, Bormio

2. Zurich

Bathe in giant wooden vats in a former brewery now converted into a super luxe bathing sanctuary in the city centre of Zurich. The spa facilities include an emerald bath, a meditation pool with underwater music, a refreshing Kneipp wading pool and an outdoor rooftop pool with panoramic view on the city of Zurich and surrounding mountains.

zurich spa

Rooftop pool, Zurich Spa

zurich spa

Thermal Baths, Zurich Spa

3. Vols

Fancy something different? Try hay bathing, a long tradition in the Italian South Tyrol where tired field workers found out that they were feeling full of energy after sleeping in hay in the night despite working longs hours the day before. The adorable Hotel Turm in Vols makes some of the best ones and has an amazing Salt Grotto where guests can go relax after the treatment.

Hotel Turm

Hay Bath, Hotel Turm

romantik hotel Turm

Salt Grotto, Hotel Turm

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