Mountain Therapy

Pure Altitude

One of my favourite beauty brands in winter is Pure Altitude, the natural skincare line of Fermes de Marie, a five-star mountain spa located in the chic ski resort of Megeve in France.

Each product is formulated with mountain plants or minerals such as edelweiss, marjoran, pine, arnica or lemon balm and uses mountain water drawn from the Mont-Blanc.

Perfect to rejuvenate winter-damaged skin and to bring a little piece of mountain freshness into my bathroom!

Pure Altitude

1. Mountain Cleansing Milk with Eidelweiss and Arnica, 24.10eur

Formulated with edelweiss, honey, arnica, blueberry and hazelnut oil, this cleaning milk has a great velvety melt-on-the-skin texture, perfect for dry and sensitive winter skins.

Pure Altitude

2. Revitilizing Lemon Balm and Mint Herbal Toner, 24.10eur

This invigorating and revitalizing lotion is like the running water of alpine waterfalls. Its cheerful and original fragrance is an invitation to a good mood.

Pure Altitude

3. Exfoliating and Purifying Oat Scrub, 44.15eur

A veritable “muesli for skin”,  this scrub uses oat, wheat and barley to gently exfoliate dead cells and bring radiance and freshness to dull winter skins.

Pure Altitude

4. Serenity Mountain Bath, 24.10eur

Formulated with mountain purified water, lemon balm (soothing), marjoran (regenerating), mint (toning) and Siberian pine (revitalising), this bath formula is like a giant herbal infusion for baths.

Pure Altitude

5. Snow Flowers Scented Candle, 45.20eur

Wild nacissus, cyclamen and broom mix with aromatic mountain herbs like wild thyme, rosemary, mint or aremisia to offer the ultimate breath of fresh air.

All products can be ordered online on PureAltitude’s website

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