Dinner Party – The French Touch!

parisian dinnerMy friends often ask me how do French people do dinner parties at home. So when I got invited to one the other weekend in Paris, I thought I’d take a few pictures to show you.

The table setting (featuring Christofle silverware and a typical Jouy printed table cloth) was beautiful and the food exquisite (the host made cakes out of carambars – a popular caramel candy in France – which I thought was very funny and absolutely delicious!). Have a look!

parisian dinner

parisian dinner


parisian dinner

parisian dinner

My friend MA was joking that she fantasized as much on this big red Le Creuset casserole as she did on her latest Saint Laurent bag. ;)

parisian dinner

parisian dinner

They brought cigars box illustrations from Cuba and had the idea to frame them – Loved the idea!

parisian dinner

And lastly, the amazing carambar cakes I was telling you about!parisian dinner

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