Make Up Nightmare: How to be Hip but Waterproof this Summer!

waterproof makeup make up for ever

Have you ever had that nightmare where you arrive looking fab and gorgeous on the beach.. meet that boy.. go for that sexy swim.. and then realise that your make up actually ran everywhere and that you are now looking like Marilyn Manson?

If you did, fear not. Make Up For Ever just released a tutorial explaining how to realise a very hip summer make up.. 100% waterproof!

Their products are in fact so good that even the ballerinas of the French synchronised swimming team are using them. Now if it works for them.. it should work for us!

Check it out!

For this make up (picture above), Make Up For Ever decided to follow the latest make up trend which is to use two different colored eyeliners.

Apply the 2 eye liners as follow:

  • Use Aqua Liner (€ 23,90) #8 Violet Electrique to draw a line on the upper lid which goes from the inner corner of the eye to half of the eyelid.
  • Use Aqua Liner (€ 23,90) #4 Vert Lagon Diamant to draw another line from the middle of the eyelid till the outer corner of the eye.

Define your brows with Aqua Brow (€ 24,00). Choose a shade lighter than your brows as the product darkens very slightly as it dries. Finish with a double coating of Aqua Smoky Lash Black Mascara (€ 24,90).


On the cheeks, apply Aqua Cream Pêche #5 (€ 24,90) using your fingertips. Aqua Cream contains mother-of-pearl pigments which create a very nice and soft luminous finish. What I like about Aqua Cream is that you can actually also use it as a lipstick or eyeshadow. So it is great when you don’t want to take too many products when travelling.

Lastly, use Aqua Lips #16 Fuchsia (€ 17,50) to shape the contour of your lips and Aqua Rouge #16 Fuchsia (€ 25,50) as lipstick. Aqua Rouge is in fact 2 products in 1: on one side it is a lipstick with a matt finish (very chic). On the other side, it is a top coat which you use if you want to have an extremely brilliant lacquer finish (even more chic). The color of this lipstick is absolutely incredible.

Voilà! A perfect summer make up.. 100% waterproof!

Happy summer!

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