Meet the Duo behind Hermes’ Latest Shop Windows!


Emilia Serra is an Italian architect and designer who I met in London when she was studying Product Design at the hip Royal College of Art.

Together with her business partner Andrea Mancuso, they created a special project called “Analogia” where they are able to design big scale objects which look like full size sketches drawn in the air. The result is stunning: it feels as if you are in the middle of a giant comic strip with all the objects floating on the air!

Their project is so cool that Hermès asked them to design a special display for their shop in Tokyo last May! For the shop windows of Hermes, Emilia and Andrea recreated different moment of a tennis match: the changing room and the tennis court. Apart from the Hermès products which are like floating on their design, everything is a sketch in the window space. This is seriously cool. 

Since creating this project, the duo has been very busy and also now worked for Hermès in Dubai, exhibited their work at Design Days of Dubai, at the V&A Friday Late session and appeared in countless publications from the New York Times to Vogue Living Australia!  

Gold star to them!

© Analogia Project

© Analogia Project

© Analogia Project

© Analogia Project

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