Beauty Event: Come meet John Masters Organics at the Rinascente Tomorrow!

john masters organics

Ever felt like switching to organic beauty products but not sure what this is really all about or whether you will actually like the products?

John Masters Organicsone the most important (and luxurious!) organic beauty line in the world, is organising a special presentation day at the Rinascente in Milan tomorrow!

The whole team (say hi to them from me!) will be there to:

  • Present you their haircare line: all 100% organic, without silicone, alcohol, etc. Really interesting stuff – and sometimes shocking truth! – to learn about organic beauty products v normal beauty products you will see! 
  • Give people a complete diagnosis of their hair. This might be the chance to discover some particularities about your hair which you did not know about before..?
  • Get a free monodose of a product (haircare or actually even bodycare if you prefer), best suited for you! My favourites? The Lavender Rosemary Shampoo and the Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash.. their flavours are absolutely marvelous you will see! ;)

Go check them out! 

Friday 31st May 2013 @ the Area Lab (ground floor), Rinascente, Milan. 

john masters organics rinascente milan

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