Yoga Beauty: Yogi Wipes!

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

Do you love yoga but not what it does to your skin (the sweat, the dehydration and all these bacterias nested in your yoga mat)?

If not, then I have the perfect accessory for you this week: yoga wipes!

Yogi Wipe is a new and cool company from Los-Angeles which had the idea to create facial wipes specially for yogistas. The difference between them and other facial wipes? These ones have been speficially designed to calm and nourish our skin after yoga or gym workouts: aloe (to soothe and calm the skin), green tea extract (fights breakouts), cucumber extract (refreshing), hyaluronic acid (anti-ageing), spearmint (refreshing, cooling and decongesting) and lastly vitamins C, D and E (stuff skins always need). It can’t get better than this!

Check them out or order them online at

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

yoga face wipe yoga accessories

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6 thoughts on “Yoga Beauty: Yogi Wipes!

  1. callmejagi

    Interesting! Have never heard of these! I do yoga every once in a blue moon so these will come in handy ^.^

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