Make Up Tutorial: Special Red Carpet

make up for ever red carpet make up tutorial

As promised, today is the first of the series of make up tutorials which I had the chance to follow at the Make Up School of Make Up For Ever in Milan.

The theme was “Red Carpet” make ups.

This first make up is also the most impressive one. They made it on Alice, the beauty blogger of AlicelikeAudrey. It was a good choice cause she has really big, beautiful eyes for it. It reminded me a bit of the silver smokey eyes which Chanel did for their last catwalk and the result on Alice was really fabulous.

If you ever dreamt of diamond eyes, check it out!

make up for ever red carpet make up tutorialAs mentioned, the whole thing about this make up are these incredible eyes. So I suggest we start by explaining this first.

The star product of this make up is the Holodiam Powder, a loose, pearlescent powder for the eyes.. which shines like a diamond!

Alice had it in white (with blue green highlits) but several other colours exist: plum (with pink purple turquoise highlights), copper (with yellow orange pink highlights), or brown gold (with blue green yellow highlights).

Apply it all over the eyelid like Alice had for a maximum effect or just add a little touch for a more subtle look. In both case, I guarantee you the result will be incredible. As it is a loose powder, simply apply it with your fingers, pressing it well to fix it on the lids.

make up for ever make up tutorial red carpet

On top of the Hologriam Powder, the make up artist apply a big retro line of black eyeliner on Alice. They used for this Aqua Black, a creamy eyeshadow which has the great advantage of being completely waterproof and resistant so no matter how Alive moved and danced after, she was sure that this big black line of eyeliner would not move, which really is essential for eyeliners!

make up for ever red carpet make up tutorial

The team then applied a bit of black eyeshadow on the crease to structure the eyes even more.

Lastly, a strong eye make up requires well structured brows. The team used Aqua Brow, a coloured gel for eyebrows which, just like Aqua Black, has the great advantage to be waterproof and super-resistant (a necessity for eyebrow too).

make up for ever red carpet make up tutorial

On the face, the make up artist followed the normal protocol of foundation-powder-blush, but they used two really good products which I want to highlight here:

High Definition Powder – This is a loose powder for the face. It is a new generation of product which has been designed to be completely invisible. I love this product and already did a product review which you can check it here.

High Definition Elixir – a serum which they applied on Alice just before the make up. It hydrates and adds this little “radiant glow” to the skin before the make up. A little marvel!

make up for ever make up tutorial red carpet

Check out

to get all information of their products, looks or make up school close to you! 

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