My Interview for Work Your Style!

img_3262This week, Glenda, my super cool and stylish friend from London interviewed me on her Fashion Blog!

Glenda is one of these cool London girls you wish you’d be. Young, funny, sexy with a kick-ass job and an ultra-glam style at all time.

Her blog, Work Your Style, focuses on “real” style advice: practical style advices that come from “normal persons” who actually have to go to work 5 days out of 7 (for a job which is not an editorial position in a fashion magazine or a not freelance graphic design role..) and thus can not afford to go there with a total SeaPunk or Front Row look.. A refreshing point of view in the world of blogging nowadays!

Check out my interview on her blog on Work Your Style! (PS: I am not sure I gave the right answers.. but shhh!)


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6 thoughts on “My Interview for Work Your Style!

  1. Glenda Stephenson

    Hey, thanks for this Camille and what a wonderful introduction! I am not sure I can live up to that. Young, funny and sexy…I will take it! Maybe one out of three is good :) Kisses from London Town xx


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