Why not.. try an Anti-Pollution Treatment for your Hair!

Hairmed product review

City girls here is a special beauty alert for you!

Did you ever realise that external particles found in big cities such as dust and pollution are extremely aggressive for your skin (that.. thanks god you realised a long time ago.. hopefully?) but also for your hair (of course!)?

Well.. that may sound obvious but I actually never really thought about it.. till I encounter the (expert) team of HairMed, a new brand which I recently discovered and which is doing super technical and innovative hair products.

Their products are not only nutritive, gentle and nice to smell.. they have something special flowing through their bottles.. :)

Here is a quick presentation of their anti-pollution program. And remember.. having a purified scalp is the only way you’ll ever get this volume and sparkle you’ve always fantasised about!


Hairmed’s anti-pollution line is based on active ingredients of a plant which is able to survive and live in extreme smog conditions (the Moringa Oleifera). The program comprises:

P2 – The Dermopurifing Shampoo for an in-depth cleaning and purifying treatment of your hair and scalp – this is a step needed in order to wash away dirt and impurities and make you receptive to treatments again. 200ml – 16eur.

P3 – The Anti-Smog Nutritive Milk. This conditioner nourishes your hair just like any other (good) conditioner but this one will also protect against pollution and free radicals thanks to its anti-oxydant formula. Leave it on for at least 2 mn. 200ml – 18eur.

P5 – Anti-Frizzly Protection. This balm not only protects against daily aggression but will also make your hair straight and shine. Apply on wet hair after the conditioner. No need to rinse it. 100ml – 14eur.


DB – Well Being Skin Purifying Shampoo. The above products are for every hair type. But if you feel that you are of a particularly greasy type, I recommend starting the treatment with this purifying shampoo. 100ml – 16eur

Order these products online on www.hairmed.it

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