Anti-Ageing Tips from… Beverly Hills!

Zo Skin Health Dr Obagi Product Review

The anti-ageing kits of Dr. Obagi, a famous dermatologist from Beverly Hills, are one of the biggest buzz in the anti-ageing industry..  so I naturally got very excited when I had the opportunity to discuss with their team in Milan (which included a medical surgeon!) and get to try out their products. Here is my product review!

So.. who is this doctor exactly and what are these anti-ageing kits about? 

Dr. Obagi is a dermatologist from Beverly Hills with more than 35 years of practice (good experience, a good starting point). He created a line of products – entitled ZO Skin Health™ – as a professional skin care line to complete the treatment of his patients at home.

Why are they different from other anti-ageing products?

Dr. Obagi explains that the reason our skin ages after 30 is because our skin cells start to get lazy.  If our cells are lazy, you can apply any vitamins, anti-oxydant or ingredient you want, they won’t absorb them or won’t absorb them fully. Soon the cells will stop functioning and stop producing collagen and elastin. That’s when we will start to get wrinkles or even, later, pigmentation problems.

If we truly want to improve our skin, we need to restore the normal functioning of the cells. ZO Skin Health products aims at awakening skin cells and restoring their vitality and ability to regenerate themselves. This is accomplished by delivering retinol to the cells. High concentrations of retinol are the best way to keep skin vital, healthy and youthful.

Zo Skin Health Dr Obagi Product Review

What’s in it exactly?

Retinol (among other ingredients). ZO Skin Health has the highest over–the–counter concentration of retinol – 10 to 25 times higher than what is normally found in other commercial skincare lines.

Zo Skin Health Dr Obagi Product Review

My opinion?

I only got to try samples so I can not comment on any long term results (it takes about 3-4 weeks to see results..) but the textures of the products were very pleasant. My skin was fresh, nourished and toned. I had no problem with my sensitive skin (I was a bit afraid because of the high concentration of retinol which can be a bit tough for sensitive skin). I was convinced by the experience and arguments of the brand. Plus retinol has been proven as one of the best anti-ageing tools so far anyway. Lastly, I think the price (160eur) is good given the amount of products you have in the program.

3 Programs exist: Level 1 (Daily Skincare Program), Level 2 (Anti-Ageing Program) and Level 3 (Aggressive Anti-Ageing Program).

I tried the Level 1 Program which consisted in 4 products: Offects Exfoliating Cleanser (to use mornings and evenings), Ossential Daily Power Defence  (mornings only), Ossential Growth Factor Serum  (evenings only) and Offects Exfoliating Polish (to use 2/3 times a week only -on evenings)


ZO Skin Health programs are available in selected medical offices

or online at

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