A Day at Max Factor’s Make Up School!

Max Factor Make Up School

The other week, I attended one of my favourite beauty events of the year: a new session of Max Factor‘s Make Up School!

The event was organised in the beautiful gardens of the Sheraton Diane Majestic hotel in Milan and the lesson was given by one of my make up gurusRajan Tolomei. Rajan is a top Make Up Artist (in fact he is even Creative Director for Max Factor Italy) and I love to hear him speak about new make up trends, how women should feel like about themselves and learn his (expert) tricks. He is actually sharing many of his tricks and vision on Max Factor Blog. If interested, join in the Max Club here!

Here are all the pictures of the event as well as a quick guide on Max Factor’s new Spring/Summer collection and how we created a hot and sexy summer make up with them.

Max Factor Make Up School

max factor make up school

To start with, here are the products we used for the face:

All-Day Flawless 3-IN-1 Foundation is one of Max Factor hero product: it is a foundation but which has been designed with a buit-in primer and concealer formula.. so it is effectively afoundation, primer and concealer at the same time. It also has a SPF 20 protection. One of my favourite MF product.

Max Factor Bronzing Powder and Perfection Blush (221 Classic Pink)

Max Factor Make Up School

max factor make up school

On the lips, we applied the Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks!

These bright shots of colours, subtly glossy, are incredibly sexy and really make your eyes pop out. I am normally a bit scared by glossy shades on lips cause I think it can easily look slightly vulgar but I can’t express how much in love I felt with these ones. The colours are glossy but incredibly classy and because of the pencil texture, it does not feel sticky or glossy at all. In my opinion, one perfect tool to look glam this summer!

I also liked the format: a giant lip pencil.. simple to carry and to apply.

max factor make up school

Max Factor Make Up School

On the eyes, we applied an eyeshadow from the new “Wild” Eyeshadow line: a deep taupe shade with shimmer/glimmering effect in it.

I love this colour especially for green eyes (like me). It really makes the colour of the eyes pop out.

Apply it with the finger as a single block of colour and remember.. the more you apply/the darker you make it, the more sexy the effect! :)
max factor make up school

We added a touch of gold in the inner corner of the eyes to add sparkle and white eyeshadow under the eyebrow to open up the eyes.

max factor make up school

Max Factor Make Up School

Lastly, we applied Max Factor new Spring/Summer mascara: The Wild Mega Volume Mascara!

The crazy packaging is fun for summer. The mascara wand is not too big, nor too small, so perfect to take it with you when travelling. Waterproof mascara are not usually always great at adding volume but this one really gives a nice volume (provided you apply 3 layers as you always should!) and isn’t clumpy. A good new product too.

Max Factor Make Up School

Max Factor Make Up SchoolAnd here are the results! ;)

max factor make up school

If interested, order all products on Max Factor website or join the Max Factor Club for more beauty tips and news!

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