A Shot of Beauty Serum?

bibo face treatment ampoule

Feel that your skin needs a shot of something but not sure what exactly?

Try these new beauty serums from Bibo!

Nicely presented in individual ampoules, these highly concentrated serums are like little shots of pure active ingredients for your skin: Hyaluron, Elastin, Collagen, RetinolOmega3-6-9, Multi Vitamin, Quick Lift, Eye Lifting, Golden Repair or even Caviar.. just chose the one you want to try!

Great to give your face a fresh look before a special occasion, for season changes or every time your skin appears tired and dull.

€4 each. Shop them online at www.bibobeauty.com

bibo face treatment ampoule

The “Anti-Ageing” ones: Hyaluron (for a “filler” effect), Elastin (restore the skin’s elasticity), Collagen (for a “firming” effect) and Retinol (to stimulate cell renewal).

bibo face treatment ampoule

The “Lifting” ones: Quick lift (natural sea algae proteins, oyster and soothing plant extracts extract to moisten the skin for a fresh and radiant effect) and Eye Lift (for an immediate lifting effect). Perfect before a special occasion!

bibo face treatment ampoule

The “Luxurious” ones: Caviar (contains 100% pure live caviar cells, rich in protein, lipids and vitamins for an Intensive Regeneration) and Golden Repair (contains pure goldsalmon-caviar extract and biological yeast to intracellular metabolism)


The “Full Nutrition” ones: OMEGA 3-6-9 (the concentration of these omega fatty acids is over 90%) and Multi Vitamin (a vitamin complex with ACE and F and B6 to boost the skin’s immune protection system). I recommend these ones for season and climates changes, when skin is  more sensitive and tired!

Bibo Face Treatment Ampoule

My opinion? The serums are great, feel great once applied and, yes, do give your skin a certain boost. I loved the fact that they are in small single doses because it means that I don’t need to buy a whole tube of something if I just want to have a lifting mask or multi vitamin complex from time to time. I love the small single dose format too because it means I was able to take one with me when travelling the other weekend (I was attending a wedding party and used the “Quick Lift” one to make sure to look fresh at the party). I think I will keep the “Multi Vitamin” ones to use it as a quick repairing mask after sun-tanning this summer. At first I thought the price was a bit high but when you read, the concentration of pure ingredients in them are really high so justified. Plus one ampoule is enough for two applications (unless you want to apply it on your neck and chest too). So overall, a real good, fun and interesting new product!

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