Visiting Christian Lacroix Hotel in Paris!

Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

While in Paris for the Fashion Week the other month, I had a very cool proposition: go visit one of Christian Lacroix hotel!! “Visiting” the hotel means that I was able to sneak inside all the rooms of the hotel (well.. ok those one that were free that morning) together with the director of the hotel. How fun!

What I discovered was a truly unique place. The whole decor is crazy, beautiful, baroque.. completely Christian Lacroix! It is called the “Bellechasse” and is located on the Left Bank of Paris in the middle of what is called the “Latin Quarter“, one of Paris’s most beautiful place (and yes, dear readers, this is central).

Now I do not remember how much exactly but I remember asking the director about the prices and I was surprised that it was not that high at the end. Also he did mention that, as any hotel, they do have lower seasons where prices sort of drop.. so lovers, fashionistas, Christian Lacroix fans, or who ever, if you are ever looking to stay in a special hotel in Paris once, make sure you check them out.

By the way, I discovered this hotel thanks to “Symboles de France“, an organisation which regroup hotels which have are a bit unique or special, culturally, historically or otherwise (like here, fashion wise really). They have many interesting references and suggested itineraries. If you ever want to try something “authentic” or new in France, go check them out!

Enough reading.. just want some decoration ideas, Christian Lacroix baroque style? Follow me!

Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

The very hot and sexy wall paper of one of the room.. Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris BellechasseChristian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

This ceiling of this room (my favourite) represented the milky way... I wish I sleep under it once day!Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

Loved the floor and deco of this other room (one of the suite actually)Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

I felt in love with this wallpaper..Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

Lastly, a picture of the “heart” of the hotel.. It stands in the entry hall of the hotel.. what a wonderful, imaginative hotel non?Christian Lacroix Hotel Paris Bellechasse

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