New It Bag: The ChYc Cabas, from Saint Laurent Paris

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC CabasThe other day I went to shoot my friend M.-A. (a Parisian chic girl with one of the biggest bag collection I know of – but more on this very soon!) as she succumbed to one of this year biggest temptation: the Cabas ChYc from Saint Laurent Paris! A great opportunity for me to approach (and test) this new IT bag..

A few words on the “story” of this mythic bag: The bag was originally designed by Saint Laurent’s team when the brand was still called “Yves Saint Laurent” (aka before the arrival of Hedi Slimane as creative director). When Hedi Slimane arrived, he shook up the brand and decided to rename it as “Saint Laurent Paris” instead of “Yves Saint Laurent” – apparently “Yves” was too difficult for foreign customers to pronounce.. ;). Fans of the ChYc got a moment of panic when they thought that their bag could disappear.. only to discover that not only has the famous IT Bag stayed (of course) but it also got quite an amazing facelift from Hedi’s new team (and yes, they kept the iconic “Y” buckle…)

What did I think?

I love fashion and aesthetics but I really need my (day) bags to be both big and practical, which this one really is. I like that it has a very deep inner zipper section to put your wallet. It is very roomie and hence great for (hard) working girls with ipad etc.

I saw this bag in 2 different sizes: medium and large. Medium is way big enough. Large is (for me who is quite petite) too big. Also, I think the proportion of the medium one look nicer.

When buying an expensive bag (unless you are super lucky and already have ), I think it is important to buy a “timeless piece“, something which you know will outlive next season’s fashion trends. This beautiful minimalistic tote with luxe materials was and will for ever be a classic.

It exists in many splendid colours (the purple is amazing.. and it looks very modern and cool in bi-colour) but my friend got it in brown, a classical colour which will go with all her outfits. Lucky her!

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

The “bag of the bag” was huge..! (enough to give any heart attack to any boyfriend!)

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC CabasInteresting to note: they kept the YSL logo..

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

My friend M-A, the lucky owner of the bag. Did I mention she also got the chance to buy it on “the” Saint Laurent shop rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, in Paris? Ah.. life’s big pleasures! ;)

Saint Lauren Paris ChYC Cabas

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2 thoughts on “New It Bag: The ChYc Cabas, from Saint Laurent Paris

  1. D

    I must say that seeing it on your blog like this, makes me very happy about my choice! If I didn’t already have it I would go and buy it right now ;)


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