Chanel Hangers and Garment Bags: from Rue Cambon.. to my Wardrobe! ;)

Chanel hangers

One day for Christmas, I had an idea a bit crazy to ask Mother Christmas (in my family it is “Mother” Christmas more than “Father” Christmas dealing with the Christmas gifts..) for hangers. Except not normal hangers.. Chanel hangers! I had been looking for some for quite time on eBay (I love eBay for all these crazy things which you would not even know where to buy in normal circumstances) and one day, after several weeks of seeing only cheap fake Chinese copies or real ones at 1500$ (true), I found someone selling a whole set of hangers plus garment bags from a fashion show at a reasonable price.

The hangers look great to display specific clothes on a valet (like currently my winter jackets) or just in the wardrobe: they magnify all my Zara outfits and I always feel a little rue Cambon touch when opening my wardrobe now.. ;)

I use the garment bags to store winter coats, cashmeres and party dresses (they are very big). I also used one of the garment bag to travel once.. and oh my, I felt very stylish when checking in at the hotel that day – for once ;).

Chanel hangersChanel hangers

Chanel hangers

The garment bag have a pocket.. where usually they put the name of the client (if used in the shops) or model (if used at shootings or shows). I used it to store jewellery initially but now at the end, I use to store the extra buttons they give you for your clothes sometimes.

Chanel hangers

Chanel hangers


Chanel Hangers

And you.. how is your wardrobe? Any deco tip to share?

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3 thoughts on “Chanel Hangers and Garment Bags: from Rue Cambon.. to my Wardrobe! ;)

    1. AbsolutelyFaaabulous Post author

      Hi Cat. I dont remember how much I paid.. there are all sort of prices on ebay.. I guess you just have to wait till you find a “good” one… I love them so much, I am not selling mine for the moment ;)


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