My Nude Makeup

Nude Make up

These days, as I am still following my skin detox program (read more about it here), I have been in the mood for a more natural make up. I just want to be luminous and fresh. Nothing else ;) After a bit of research, here are my favourite products for an illuminating nude make-up.

nude make up

First of all, a brand I discovered while in Japan: RMK. RMK is actually the number 1 cosmetic line in Japan.. and its speciality is its incredibly light and fresh fluids which are the secret weapon behind Japanese women flawless skins!

To achieve Japanese skin perfection however is not a simple task.. Japanese women are indeed actually mixing 3 different products: 1) The RMK Make Up Base. A hydrating and smoothing base. 2) The RMK Colour Control. A sort of corrector which evens redness and brings a translucent shimmer to the base. And finally 3) The RMK Liquid Foundation. A foundation with just the right balance between coverage and translucency and a long-lasting waterproof formulation.

The genius thing about RMK? The texture of the fluids are so light and fresh.. you don’t even feel them!

Nude Make Up

Another curious thing I adored at RMK was its Creamy Sheer Powder Cheeks Blush. It has 2 shades, a sort of pearly colour and a bright but transparent pink.. and the way Japanese women apply it is as follows: they apply the pearly illuminating colour all over the cheek (to highlight this area) and just a touch of pink on the top of the cheek. The effect is a wonderful natural doll-like complexion. 

Nude makeupFor a nude make up, on the eyes, I apply a bit of eyeshadow base (to get rid of my red eyes).  I like the one from Essence which is super cheap too. Then I apply a bit of the pearly colour of the RMK Blush on the inside corner of my eyes and right over the pupil on the lid for just a touch of sparkle towards the eyes.

Nude Make Up

On the lips, I discovered Glossy Lips from Nee Make Up. A transparent gloss which really lasts one hour or so. Nude Make Up

To refresh during the day, I am currently trying something new: powdered paper. It matifies my skin without the need to add more powder/foundation on it.. A revelation!

Nude Make Up

Lastly, if I go out, I add a touch of Pearly Beige from Make Up For Ever.  A subtle and chic colour. And the DiorShow Iconic mascara.

Nude Make Up

And that’s.. eventually it! ;) And you.. are you experimenting any new makeup these days?

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