The Day I Fitted into the Jeans of my Teenage Years (and Other Stuffs)


Big day today: I still fit into (or at least managed to enter into and zipped up) the jeans I was wearing  when I was 15 years old!! 17 years later. Ok it is (extremely stretchable (obviously)) but still. I only have one word: Champagne! ;)



French people will recognise it for sure.. it is a Cimarron. Remember this very popular brand back 10 years ago? Every girl just had Cimarron in high schools in France. In as many different colours as she could afford. It was a bit the equivalent of Levis jeans back then. I noticed this Spanish brand has been making a bit of a come back since about 2 years. I am glad. As you can tell, these are top quality, long lasting stuff. ;)

You know my bag from Florence and my ring from the London Fashion Weekend. The Gucci belt is a gift from an ex boyfriend. Boyfriends go by, memories gifts remain.. ;)



Jonak Shoes (these are the metallic grey ones I bought on sales in Paris the other weekend… remember?)


Nee Make UpMake Up from Nee Make Up with the Hydrating Vitamin E Lipstick (a lipstick with a special hydrating and anti-aging (vitamin E) formula). I like wearing the colour n 140, a sort of dark burgundy as I think it always adds a little touch of sophistication whatever I am wearing ;). And Glossy Lips, a transparent gloss which really stays on for.


And you.. what is the oldest piece of your wardrobe? Are you still wearing it or just keeping it as a souvenir?

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2 thoughts on “The Day I Fitted into the Jeans of my Teenage Years (and Other Stuffs)

  1. jonathanochart

    Congrats on making the fit (; The black turtleneck and camo pants combination = brilliant. Love the look!

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