Food and Shopping in Paris – Part II

le bon marche paris

Today: second part of my little shopping and food extravaganza in Paris last weekend!

First of all, as you can all witness on the picture above, my shopping was extremely minimalistic that day (however, as you ladies all very well know, “the smaller the shopping bag, the more dangerous..“).

On that second day, I headed up straight to Le Bon Marche, an iconic Parisian shop dating back from 1838! (Point to note: department stores are usually closed in Paris on Sundays except before Christmas and this year for the Sales).

Food and Shopping in Paris

Le Bon Marche has a great selection of clothes, design pieces and accessories and a very nice food hall and is one of my favourite place especially for jewellery in Paris. I got this very cute ring from Spanish designer Jorge Morales and a lovely bracelet from French designer Caroline Najman (one of my favourite jewellery designer lately). Should look great this summer.. non?

caroline najman

ralph lauren cafe paris

After visiting Le Bon Marche (Le Bon Marche is big, count at least 1 1/2 hour to visit..), we went for lunch in St Germain (full name is “St Germain des Pres” if you look on a tube map but never ever, of course, pronounce the full name if you want to look like a local!). Great places to lunch over there are the Ralph Lauren cafe and restaurant (pic above) which is in a lovely internal courtyard (really nice on sunny days) and the famous Cafe de Flore where famous writers and philosophers were coming to debate and exchange fabulously clever arguments over coffee (or wine).


The thing to order if at the Cafe de Flore is “Le Club Rykiel“, a club sandwich named after fashion designer Sonia Rykiel (a regular over there), which is a club sandwich but without bread.. a sort of delicious low calorie sandwich. Perfect to mix with their “Millefeuille au caramel” right after. ;) Of course, my boyfriend insisted to take the normal version so I can’t actually show you a pic.. but well just imagine.

foie gras paris

Another delicacy to try in France is the highly controversial foie gras.. maybe not the most politically correct food but absolutely delicieux. Try it on toasted brioche.

pont des arts paris

We then went for a walk alongside the river, stopping on the Pont des Arts, a bridge where lovers go to attach a padlock with their initials or message on it.. before throwing the lock’s key in the Seine to symbolise their (hopefully eternal) love.

musee quai d'orsay paris

After that, we went to have a look at the Musee d’Orsay and the wonderful view you have from the top floor and behind its famous giant clock.

Hum.. Paris, the city of love and passion.. did I mention I was actually not with my boyfriend but with my parents this weekend? ;) But it’s ok, I’ll make him come with me next time.

To anyone travelling there: enjoy and hope my “guide” will give you a few ideas!

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17 thoughts on “Food and Shopping in Paris – Part II

  1. jonathanochart

    I went to the Musee d’Orsay a few weeks ago and took a similar picture of the clock, haha. I loved their impressionism collection! Looks like you had a great time too! Thanks for sharing (:

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