Paris Food and Shopping Guide – Part 1

galleries lafayette paris

I am back from my little shopping and food spree in Paris (sorry but I had no internet connection over there) and so today, without further delay, I want to share with you pics of my weekend.. as well as a little personal guide of my favourite addresses in Paris!

The Galleries Lafayette is one of the most beautiful shops in the world. Going there is like mixing shopping and sightseeing (i.e. your argument to your boyfriend). If you need more points to argue, point out that the Art Nouveau dome and steel staircases actually date back from 1912 and are true masterpieces of this god-so-famous Belle Epoque of Paris and that not seeing it would be like missing the Eiffel Tower (which you can see even better from far!). Just do not mention that there are something like 7 floors (plus a basement full of shoes sales at the moment).

galleries lafayette paris

My favourite part of the shop is the beauty department, where I got some Meteorites Pearls from Guerlain: a constellation of six multi-colored pearls to create that glowing je-ne-sais-quoi touch on your face. What? Guerlain is a 170 years old institution in Paris. Not trying its products would be like not trying the new Jardin Pamplemousse macarons at Pierre Herme (his latest macaroni creation combining cloves, nutmeg and candied grapefruit)!

shopping in Paris

mousse au chocolat paris

Along side some fancy macarons, one of my favourite dessert in Paris is actually a good old fashion Mousse au Chocolat. Chapon, a famous chocolatier on the Rive Gauche is making various types of mousse using different sort of chocolat (from Venezuela, Guatemala, etc). The results are all absolutely delicieux.. it just depends if you prefer your mousse to be “long in mouth”, with a “fresh nose” or with more of an “underwood” or an “acidulated” accent.. If the choice is too tough. Just try all of them. You only live once.

mousse au chocolat paris

Spotted: 30% off bags at Gucci. Just saying… and no, I do not have an ‘evil‘ look on this pic..

gucci paris

shopping in Paris

My new brioche iphone cover found at “my e-case” shop on the Ile St Louis (Paris’ oldest part). See I do not only think about eating in Paris..

brioche iphone cover

Lastly, to expiate your sin(s), I recommend Notre Dame.. one of the most beautiful and romantic place in Paris. Celebrating its 850 years this year..

notre dame paris

Stay tune for Part II of this trip tomorrow. And don’t forget to follow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to see more travel pics and tips!

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