Detox your Skin – Part II

skin detox

I started to tell you yesterday about skin detox with the new skin cleansing routine I started to follow for my face this month. Today I want to present some body products for those of you who want to extend their skin detox to their whole body, not just their face.

Just a little recap, a skin detox is about using all organics, chemicals-parabens-artificial fragrances free products to cleanse your skin from all the not-so-cool stuffs it usually absorbs the rest of the year with our usual products.

The products are from John Masters, the big chief when it comes to natural organic beauty products.

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash John Master Organics

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash 

Made from the mildest botanically-based surfactants from corn and coconut, this sulfate-free body wash foams into a rich lather to gently clean and smooth the body. The scent is heaven-like. 25,50 eur.

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk John Master Organics

Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk

Rich in beneficial nutrients, this blend of milk thistle, aloe vera and essential oils of blood orange and vanilla, safflower oil and sea algae hydrate and heal the skin. 25,50 eur.

lip calm John Master Organics

Lip Calm

Made up of 10 certified-organic ingredients such as Lemon & lime (antioxidant), Tangerine (antioxidant), Olive oil (antioxidants), Jojoba oil (moisturizes) and Orage oil (moisture). Sweet and light scent. 9eur.

Products available worldwide online (and at the Rinascente in Milan)

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