New Year’s Resolutions!


Wishing you all an absolutely faaabulous 2013! 

A new year, a new beginning. I just love this period of the year. I always feel that my whole world (and myself) is going to change dramatically this new year.. and even if of course not true, I just love the thrilling feeling. So cheers to the beginning of the new year! And to start with, here are my lucky 7 (very frivolous) resolutions this year.

The “Fashion” Resolutions:

1. Follow a strict new “I Tried It Thursday” policy where I step out of my usual habits and try a new style or make up or hair do every Thursday. Life’s too short not to try out everything. And with the crazy new Graphics, 90s Nostalgia and Fluorescent Fashion Trends coming up for us this summer, it should be lots of fun. Ok or at least try to change my lipstick shade that day.

2. Admit once for all that I am small and try the high heels life at least once a week.

The “Beauty” Resolutions:

3. Try to grow my hair. Something I have not done since high school. Then compare pictures with high school to assess the progresses or damages.

4. Limit my easy “hair bun” hairstyle to only twice a week and force myself to think about what to do of my hair the rest of the time.

The “Travel” Resolutions:

5. Try a new festival. The Festa del Redendore. A very special festival taking place in Venice the 3rd weekend of July where boats of every shape and size gather in the lagoon, each full with party food and drink and people jump from one boat to the other, till the party culminates in a big firework. Sounds be lots of fun.

6. Offer to take couples’ pictures and be nice to travellers in my own country. The more I travel, the more I understand how easily you can miss a good travelling time just cause you did not know where to go or what to order.

The “Highly Philosophical” Resolution:

7. Get inspired and keep on visiting as many new sites and blogs as possible. The true stuffs all comes from there and I feel that there is going to be tremendous new and exciting developments there in 2013, there more than anywhere else.

A happy new year to all!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. Sascha

    I really like your resolutions – they’re original and I bet you’ll have fun sticking to them! Plus, I think they will make your blog even better.


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