New Year’s Eve Make Up Ideas #1!

Nee Make UpWith Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaching fast now, I decided to ask around all my favourite make up artists and brands for phenomenal yet effortless make up tricks and ideas! Today, let’s start with Nee Make Up and their amazing “burgundy” make up (a fabulous colour for green and blue coloured eyes and light skin tone!) and their very professional long-lasting products for a perfect skin glow.

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Nee Make Up big_double_action Fondation

As with every make up, the base is essential (and even more if you expect your make up to last till late in the night..).

Nee Make Up has 2 very good products for this which I quite like.

First of all, a very good foundation: the Duouble Action Vitamin Lift Fondation, a foundation enriched with vitamins and lifting agents.. very fluid and light to wear and great to give your skin a tonic aspect and eliminate signs of tiredness and ageing.

Nee Make Up big_wet_dry



My second favourite weapon at Nee Make Up is their  Wet and Dry Powder Touch. A foundation and powder all-in-one, absolutely perfect to touch up your make up (if needs be) during the night. Use it dry for a quick retouch or wet for a stronger cover. The product is soft and fluid and enriched with Vitamin E. I can always use Vitamins after 3 glasses of Champagne in the evenings.



On the colour side, we went for a bright red burgundy! I was a bit scared initially.. but this colour is amazing to bring out the colour of blue or green eyes! Eye Colour Eye Shadow n 840, n 820 and 822.

Nee Make Up

Nee Make Up

Nee Make Up

Compact Vitamin E Blush B66 and Terracotta Bronze colour n 251

Nee Make Up

On the lips, VIP LIpstick Passion

Nee Make Up

Lastly, we brushed up (and applied tons of) with their Waterproof Collagen Mascara, a special mascara formula enriched with collagen which makes eye incredibly voluminous and long!

Nee Make Up big_Water_Resistant_Stay_Collagen_Mascara

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