A Shower.. in the Open Water!

Celebrity Cruises

You were dreaming about it, Celebrity Cruises did it: the shower with full ocean view!

This incredible all-glass shower extending out over the edge of the ship is part of the  “Reflexion Suite“, a two bedroom suit of.. 150sqm and 8m of veranda! And if, like me, you were wondering how did Celebrity Cruises manage to guarantee the intimacy of its (lucky) guests.. well the answer is simple: in addition to being a special reflective glass, Celebrity Cruises also used a smart glass technology“At the flick of a switch, guests can activate an electrochromatic technology, which instantly transforms the glass from transparent to translucent. We even went so far as to install a special sensor, so if guests prefer, the glass can be automatically transformed for them,”  explained Lutoff-Perlo, Celebrity Senior VP.

Waou.. enjoy breathtaking sea views while discreetly showering.

All information on the travel routes of this cruise ship on Celebrity Cruises website.

Reflection Suite Celebrity Cruise

Reflection Suite Celebrity CruisePS: The bar of the ship does not look bad either.. ;)

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