Ligne St Barth.. or The Delicious Feeling of the French Caribbean!

Ligne St Barth

If you ever feel in a “resort” mood after all the fashion resort and cruise collections I showed you, then it is time for me to share with you details one of my favourite beauty lines.. coming straight from the French Caribbeans: the very chic Ligne St Barth!

This line is not one of the hippest in the market for no reason. Set up by the Brins family (a French family whose ancestors settled in Saint Barthelemy.. – or “St Barth” as we should more poshly say… – in the 17th century), the line uses delicious local Caribbeans flowers and fruits to produce natural products which all have heaven-like perfumes and textures. My favourites? The Banana Hand Cream, Avocado All-in-one Oil or Lip Balm with Sugar Cane Extract. And just to make sure that they are perfect 100%, the company does a lot for environmental projects too. Did I mention they are PABA free and not tested on animals? ;)

Order them online on

Avocado Ligne St Barth

The Avocado Oil. Rich in vitamins A, D and E and exotically fragranced with Tiare flower extract, this Avocado Oil is a real all-in-one oil for dry face, body and hair. Use it as a regenerating hydrating mask on your face and on your hair for 30mn before your shampoo or put a few drops into your bath and then massage onto your skin for an exotic bath this winter.. and feel like a sensual hot summer bomb once again!

Ligne St Barth Banana Hand Cream

The Banana Hand Cream. This fine hand cream has the tender scent of banana and is an intensive treatment for anyone who want velvet hands this winter.

Lip Balm Ligne St Barth

Lip Balm with Sugar Cane Extract. Exceptional lip balm made out of 7 natural oils and different kind of wax. Seriously addictive.

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