Glam Destination: Le Sereno, Saint-Barthelemy

Le Sereno Saint Barthelemy

If you are like me totally in a “resort mood” after looking at all these gorgeous light pieces from the new resort collections this week, then it is time for me to present one “dream destination“: the fashionable Sereno Beach Hotel from Saint Barthelemy, in the French Caribbean!

Designed by famous Parisian designer Christian Liaigre and located on what The Travel Channel called “one of the most beautiful beaches in the world“, Le Sereno Hotel is a intimate gem of 37 suites and villas, each more elegant and chic than the others. Its Spa is the creme de la creme and a whole sensorial experience: set up in the middle of a tropical garden, it is a 3 walls only room as the last wall.. is the full view on the ocean! I heard you can heard tropical birds and feel the touch of the ocean breeze on you during your treatment.. The Spa uses all natural products from the chic Ligne St Barth, all based on local delicacies. Choosing between the slightly warmed-up coconut oil massage or the body treament fragranced with pur bourbon vanilla must be a tough one.

Come evening, guests can laid back and enjoy cocktails at the hype bar and lounge or head to the Restaurant des Pecheurs to taste the seafood catch of the day and watch the night fall on the ocean. Le Sereno.. a dream destination for any honeymooners or hipsters in search of Caribbean pleasures!

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Le Sereno Saint Barthelemy

le sereno saint barthelemy

Le Sereno Saint Barthelemy

Le Sereno, Saint-Barthelemy

Le Sereno, Saint-Barthelemy

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