A Woman’s Wedding Shoes!

Rene Caovilla wedding shoei

Today I want to make a little “spotlight” on a very special piece in a women wardrobe: her wedding shoes!

Whether you want them as high as the sky or short and comfy to accompany you through the day, the choice is a tough one. One of my friends had one of the most beautiful pairs I ever saw: a “jewel shoes” pair from Rene Caovilla, an historic shoemaker from Venise. Known as “sculptor” in the business, Rene Caovilla (who also collaborated with Dior and Chanel) creates ultra-precious, sensual evening shoes.

The ultimate chic detail about this pair: the soles.. which shine like millions of diamonds!

Rene Caovilla Salon boutiques in Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, Tokyo, Palm Beach, Taipei, Doha.. or online!


Rene Caovilla Wedding Shoes

Rene Caovilla Wedding Shoes

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6 thoughts on “A Woman’s Wedding Shoes!

  1. Anne

    Wow ! Thank you for this !!! They are breathtaking…
    So Miu Miu were not the first to put diamonds on the soles of the shoes ;)
    And the idea of getting your wedding shoes in Venice… so romantic… I want to divorce so I can say “I do” again, with happy feet.
    Do you know the song that goes with the treasure you show us today ?
    Paul Simon – Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
    Hope you’ll like it. I am still thrilled by the pictures above.

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