Japanese Zen Gardens

Japanese Zen Garden

I flew to Japan right after China (which is the right way to do it.. don’t ever do China after Japan!) Many things amazed me in Japan: their exceptional food traditions, their crazy perspectives on things, their fashion and style (more on this tomorrow) but, the number one thing which amazed me the most, out of everything, was the incredible beauty of the Japanese Zen Gardens.

Japanese have a completely different way to conceive gardens. In Japan, gardens seek to recreate miniature landscapes. Hence why, a Japanese garden has generally a specific view point from where it needs to be observed. In Japanese Zen Gardens, white sand is used to suggest water and rocks to represent islands and mountains. A very famous promenade to do in Kyoto is the “Path of Philosophy“, a walking path, lined up with hundreds of cherry trees, which a famous Japanese philosopher was used to take everyday to practice meditation.

Inside the gardens, you usually find teahouses where the Japanese tea ceremony is conducted and where geishas are walking by. Now I am a big fan of green tea but just so you know.. their green tea has a really special, strong taste.. which resembles more that of a vegetable juice than a delicate tea!

Here are all the pictures.. and remember: “the way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart“, Buddha.

japanese garden

Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese Zen Garden

japanese garden

japanese garden

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