Ancient Beauty Secrets: the Epoch Body Care Line!

epoch nu skin

When winter comes, I like to change my beauty routine and switch to intense, long-lasting hydration products. This month I tried Epoch, the Body Line of Nu Skin, the new highly technical brand I was telling you about the other day here. Epoch Products use ancient traditions of indigenous cultures and botanical ingredients derived from renewable sources (and as always with Nu Skin, part of the profit are donated to charities.. for this line, it is environmental charities). If you are interested, here is a little guide of their “ethno-botical” body products to smooth your dry winter skin.. from head to toes ;) 

epoch nu skin

The Baobab Body “Butter”

A deeply nourishing body cream containing moisturising shea butter, fruit pulp extract of the African baobab tree (a natural humectand and emolient), macadamia nut oil (a moisturising oil which closely resemble… sebum, ie. the oil naturally produced by the skin for moisture and protection!) and antioxidants


The “Glacial Marine Mud”

A cool product to draw out impurities and remove dead skin cells.. with more than 50 sea botanical minerals and trace elements. Legend has it that Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest (Canada) tried to make pottery from this special mud..

epoch nu skin

The “Sole Solution” Foot Treatment

A rejuvenating foot cream for dry and cracked feet featuring crushed allspice berry — a berry traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America to relieve persistent dry, cracked, red skin on heels, toes and sides of feet.

All products available on Nu Skin website 

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