Inside the Shoes Closet of a Milanese Girl!

Shoe Closet

As promised, here are the pictures of the afternoon I spent at my friend V who has one of the coolest shoes closet and collection I have seen in real life (as opposed to on my sad TV). The door handles are Swarovski.. and inside is a little bit like Alibaba’s cavern. Except better. Here are all the pics as well as a quick 5 mn interview with their lucky owner!

Are you able to confess your lifetime shoes budget to date (please note that this interview is on a completely anonymous basis)?

Contrary to what people may think, I never spend that much on shoes.. I shop a lot at outlets malls or either wait for the sales. Unfortunately, I can not shop at the sample sales of the showrooms (i.e. when showrooms sell their models) cause the size of the model is always 37.. and I am a 39.

[I am making a note to investigate these “showroom sample sales”.. as I am a 37!]

Shoe Closet

Tip: note the clever way to dispose the shoes on the shelves..

Shoe Closet

Most original shoes?

The Louboutin snorkeling shoes! It always makes a big impression whenever I am wearing them!

Most difficult to wear?

A crazy model from Giuseppe Zanotti.. but when it comes to shoes, I am stubborn, so I have not given up yet;)


shoe closet

Most expensive shoes?

My wedding shoes of course..

Post on this special pair to follow very soon! Stay tune! And remember: Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life ;)

shoe closet

shoes closet

shoe closet

Am actually off now tonight to the Campari Calendar Reveal Party (feat Penelope Cruz).. all deets on this tomorrow! Bisou!

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21 thoughts on “Inside the Shoes Closet of a Milanese Girl!

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  5. arashmazinani

    I really liked the Louboutin snorkel shoes I spied them in the first pic at the top left. I love the contrast neon orange and bright yellow. They’re definitely statement shoes!

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  8. Megan

    Oh I am in love! My boyfriend assures me that when we buy a house (hopefully this year) he will build me a beautiful wardrobe for all my shoes (I have around 40 pairs and my new years resolution was to only buy good quality/expensive shoes but make fewer purchases)

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