A Night at the Beijing Opera!

beijing opera

On our last night in China, we decided to slow down a bit on the party side and to go instead check out the world famous Beijing Opera (also called Peking Opera). Beijing Opera mixes singing, dialogue, dancing and martial art and is really one of the treasure of Chinese culture. The thing which impressed me the most? The incredible face painting and the costumes! Very impressive. Check it out for yourself!

If you ever visit Beijing and want to taste the real Beijing OperaLiyuan Theatre in Beijing is the best choice.

Bon Weekend!

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera

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8 thoughts on “A Night at the Beijing Opera!


    Nous avions été impressionnés par l’opéra de Sydney; 9ème symphonie de Bet… dans une structure magnifique mais là, les costumes sont de toute beauté ! Vous avez vraiment fait un voyage fantastique.
    Amitiés D & JP

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