Experiment Eastern Beauty Recipes with Rituals!

Deep relaxation RITUALS

One thing I love to do when travelling is to discover new beauty routines. The more I travel, the more I am amazed by the new cool stuffs I discover in other parts of the world. I just got some news that Rituals, one of my favourite beauty brand, is launching new beauty boxes for Christmas containing each time all the necessary products to experiment an ancient health and beauty tradition at home: The Ultimate Hammam Collection Box is to discover the steam bath ritual, the Ayurveda Box is to discover ancient holistic Indian beauty secret, the Tao Secret Box to discover Chinese ones, the Sakura box the Japanese ones and the wonderful Deep Relaxation box is to test the art of relaxation at home. My favourite products include the Himalayan Rose scrub, the Tai Chi White Lotus and Green Tea Shower Foam and the Shanti Chakra oil!

www.rituals. com

Ancient beauty Rituals

Ultimate hammam collection rituals

Sakura collection_RITUALS

Tao Secret_RITUALS-1

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