Best Halloween Costumes Ever!!

Each year for Halloween I see loads of pictures about everywhere on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and the likes which makes it a bit difficult to select the “really good” stuff from the more “average good stuff”.. but after a bit of research, here is Absolutely Faaabulous official list of the Best Halloween Costumes, all categories represented: Individual CostumeCouple CostumeKids Costume.. and even Dog Costume!

best halloween costume

The Birds – So chic!

Best Halloween Costume

One day you’ll be a Chicken my son..

Best Halloween Costume

The Invisible Man – always been my dream! Imagine being able to sneak in Brad Pitt’s bath.. just for a quick glance ;)

Best Halloween Costume


Best Halloween Costume

Little Girls just wanna be more than a Baby Chicken..

Best Halloween Costume

Best Halloween Costume

Cant’ believe they dared!!

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