Fall/Winter Make Up Trend: The Perfect Eyebrows!

New Make Up Trend this Fall/Winter: strong, well groomed eyebrows! Think Cara Delevingne in the latest Burberry campaign or Brooke Shields! ;)

My favourite product for this? Aqua Brow by Make Up For Ever. This product is 100% waterproof (so you can dance all night long or do whatever, it will always stay on you.. as your eyebrows should really :), and exists in 7 different colours (so you can be sure to find one to match your natural colour – just remember that when drying, it gets slightly darker!).

Aqua Brow can be bought individually or together with a kit which contains 2 brushes: an angled one specially designed to define eyebrows and a round brush.

Every make up artist agrees, no matter how well your makeup is applied, the effect is ruined if your eyebrows are not in perfect shape. In addition to plucking, you can now easily lengthen, redefine or fill them with this easy to use gel!

Perfect make up.. all the way to your eyebrows!

Aqua Brow 19.30eur/ Aqua Brow Kit 38eur. Available exclusively @ Sephora

Burberry add campaign

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