Forbidden City Beijing

The Forbidden City of Beijing!

On our 3rd day in Beijing, we decided to travel back in time a little bit and went to visit the Forbidden City! The Forbidden City is the place of the Imperial Palace of the Chinese Empire, which housed Chinese emperors and their household for almost 500 years. Surrounded by a wall 8m high and 6m deep, people did not have the right to leave the palace without the emperors permission! The story of the Forbidden City is full of danger, romance and politics… even better than Gossip Girl. The Forbidden City itself comprises many different halls and palaces called poetic names such as the Hall of Preserving Harmony or the Palace of Tranquil Longevity.. each more charming than the other. My favourite spot to visit? The Nine Dragon Wall: a long blue wall where Nine Dragons are sculpted in it, swimming in ocean waves! By the way, please note that, no, dragons do not breathe fire or kidnap children here in China.. Chinese dragons are kind! ;)

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

Forbidden City Beijing

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6 thoughts on “The Forbidden City of Beijing!

  1. Sam

    Ah wow, these images took my breath away, what a fantastic place with great ornate Asian architecture. Do you know if this is where 30 seconds to mars filmed their video for ‘From Yesterday’? it looks so familiar

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