Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

The Everlinespa o2 Luxury Oxygen Treatment!

There has been one thing on my mind for a little while.. and this was to try an oxygen facial treatment to try to do something with my dead, old skin before I take things further.. ;) I was thus thrilled when the team of Everlinespa O2 accepted to make me a proper presentation of this technology.. and ask me to test it!

So.. how does it work exactly?

Basically, it uses a special air brush to make oxygen and active ingredients penetrate right deep into your skin tissues (as opposed to keeping active ingredients of your cream on the surface of your skin..). So this is like a microinjection of active ingredients plus a re-oxygeration of the tissues.

My verdict?

100% convinced. This is crazy.. Your skin is immediately much more luminous, like cleaned up very deeply of all pollution and also much more elastic. It did not get rid of my deeper wrinkles but I could totally see how it did fill up the younger/less deep ones (maybe if you try it on a longer period of time..).

Normal treatment recommended is of 6 sessions. One every week. You can also buy the whole rang of products to continue the treatment at home.

All info on info@everline.it or www. rcmitalia.com

Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

Everlinespa o2 oxygen treatment

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