Intercharm Milano

Intercharm Milano!

Intercharm started since yesterday in Milan! Intercharm is a big beauty fair which showcases all the latest new products and technologies in the field of beauty. All Milanese beauty bloggers were there. Spectacular hair show and nail art competitions are taking place. My favourite stalls? The O.P.I. stall of course, Orly and Nee Cosmetics (which I discovered also make great hair products under the brand Everline!). The fair finishes on Monday. Go check it out for yourself!

Intercharm Milano

The Nail Polishes Library of the O.P.I. stall was quite impressive!

Intercharm Milano

There were also some more curious objects like this fake finger.. used to feature nail polishes ;)Intercharm Milano

Intercharm Milano

I had the chance to try an oxygen therapy treatment.. but more on this to follow very soon. In the meantime, go check it out for yourself!

Intercharm Milano

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7 thoughts on “Intercharm Milano!

  1. steph

    Hey sweets, happy to have you on my blogroll ;)

    The fake finger looks a bit scary to me actually, fake body parts always do. I am rather envious of the OPI library though, I thought I was an addict (maybe 30 or so bottles) but that’s just crazy!


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