New Beauty Routine: the Nu Skin Products!

Coming back from holidays, I was looking for a new facial cream which would have a pioneering anti-ageing formula – yes, not less, I am very demanding.. :) – and a really though and broad sun protection since ladies, let’s be honest, we all know that sun is our absolute number one enemy.. not friend at all, and this, all year long, of course.

I decided to try this time a cream from Nu Skin®, an American brand which I recently discovered through my activities of beauty blogger which seemed to have a very good expertise in anti-ageing defences: the company is actually studying with its 75 (!) internal scientists the genetic mapping of our skin itself, and is collaborating on researches with institutions like Stanford University among others..

The cream I tried, The AgeLOC® Radiant Day SPF 22 Facial Cream, has a very broad UVA/UVB protection and a SPF 22.. one of the highest I saw on the market recently but with a very light texture (I like when my skin breathes..) and hence mixes well with my makeup routine right after. I also decided to try the eye refirming cream Tru Face® Ideal Eyes®, and the texture of this cream too was just heaven!

In addition, I learnt that the company started not one but several charities (one of which, distributed so far +200 millions lunches to unfed children)..

I am definitely a new Nu Skin addict! ;)

AgeLOC® Radiant Day SPF 22 Facial Cream 62,75€. Tru Face® Ideal Eyes® Eyes Refining Cream 49,72€

Available on

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3 thoughts on “New Beauty Routine: the Nu Skin Products!

  1. Sam

    I am also always on the look out for something with a good sun protectant. I don’t think this brand has been launched here in SA but from your description, it sounds to be of an excellent standard.

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