Il Salviatino, Florence

The Perfect Wedding Proposal!

Do you remember the fabulous hotel I visited in Tuscany this summer? Well I just learnt that it is proposing a special package for… the wedding proposal!

While most hotels usually propose honeymoon packages for newly weds, this one observed rightly that the first romantic step to all this is actually.. to get engaged first ;) and hence created a special, super romantic package for those who would like to make their proposal. The proposal includes a 2 days stay in a luxurious room of the hotel (a 15th century villa on top of a hill near Florence), a private shopping trip to the jewellery houses of the Ponte Vecchio and via Tornabuoni in Florence and a relaxing massage at the spa (to lower your level of stress before the big night.. ;). A romantic dinner will be organised by the team of the Salviatino in their stunning italian garden.. the perfect setting to kneel down. On top of all this, the next year, the couple will also get one free night at the hotel to come back to celebrate their wedding proposal anniversary! And in case the answer is “no”? The hotel offers free open bar to the unlucky lover! 

The ultimate luxurious wedding proposal.. I ADORE!

Information : +39 055 9041111 or

Il Salviatino, Florence

Il Salviatino, Florence

Il Salviatino, Florence

Il Salviatino, Florence

Il Salviatino, Florence

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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Wedding Proposal!

  1. Anne

    Quelle proposition originale et quel superbe hôtel ! C’est la première fois que j’entends parler de ce concept : je ferai passer le mot.

  2. Sam

    Hi dear, how are you? Awww wow, what a romantic location, so lucky for any girl to be proposed there, loved the last image, its heavenly! Your upcoming Asian trip sounds so exciting!

  3. steph

    wow that a gorgeous place, love the bedroom with the large windows. and haha i love that if the answer is no you get an open bar.. that’s kind of hilarious!

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