My friend on Miss Italia!!!

Ladies, I know that most of you crazy girls are out at the Vogue Fashion Night Out (I am “unfortunately” away so can’t attend this year) but there is another big, BIG news today: my friend Kateryna Aresi is… competiting to become the next Miss Italia!!! I always knew that she was an extremely beautiful (and fun!) girl, so I guess I should not be surprised.. but still, am so so proud of her for getting up there, applying and trying to make her dream come true. And how wonderful and fun would it be if she became next Miss Italia??? I can already see myself escorting her at cool events and getting private inside news ;) From what I understood, the atmosphere here is very much one of a military school.. and they even need bodyguard to go to the bathroom  :)) Anyway, the show is braodcast since the 4th of September on Rai 1.. TV home vote are opening tomorrow.. final is going to be on 9-10 of september. So in case you find this amusing, watch the show.. and vote for her! Number 23!! I promise she’ll be the coolest and funniest Miss Italia ever.

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12 thoughts on “My friend on Miss Italia!!!

  1. Fashionthroughtravel

    Your friend really looks gorgeous! I’m rooting for her :)
    Munich was such an amazing city, but here comes more… and fashion week of course… aaaah to many things to take care of right now after so many weeks of holidays!

  2. Fashionthroughtravel

    No I wasn’t drivin, I was that annoying person that didn’t do anything along the way while my lovely boyfriend was driving for hundreds of kilometers at a time haha! I’m joking of course – while I really didn’t drive I was in charge of the food, the entertainment, the music and the good humor – what else could you wish for in a co-pilot hehe?

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