Snapshot Palette, Sleek

Summer Make Up Inspiration by Sleek

Inspired by the vivid colours of the Mediterranean and Caribbean, Snapshots i-Divine is the latest limited edition eyeshadows palette from Sleek Makeup and an absolute must-have for bright-make up lovers! The palette contains 12 different colours of eyeshadow, each highly-pigmented and jam-packed with colour, with fantastic shades of burnt orange, deep purple or azure to make your tan pop for the rest of the summer or glam up your summer evening eyes. The Snapshots palette.. or how to keep a little bit of summer in your life all year round!

9.90 eur. Available at Sephora.

Snapshot Palette, Sleek

Snapshot Palette, Sleek

By the way.. makeup trend spotted at the last Dior fashion show..

Dior Fall/Winter 2012, Makeup

Dior Fall/Winter 2012, Makeup

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