Summer Look # 3

summer look

It is still boiling hot in Milan and everyone is counting the hours before getting away somewhere on weekend.
I will myself be off to Tuscany. On the agenda, wine tasting, reading under the cyprus, swimming and shopping in Florence.. can’t wait! In the meantime, here is my look for aperitivos in the city under.. 39 degrees (still). I am crazy about this light pastel green short from Kooples Sport and this new bag from Hotel Particulier. This small size is about all I feel like carrying these days. ;)

summer look

summer look

summer looksummer look

summer look

summer look

summer look


Kooples Sport short, Maje shoes, Hotel Particulier bag.


Max Factor Flawless Perfection Classic Pink Blush and Diva Coral Nail Polish, Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow # 28E Waterproof Eye Shadow Penciland and Tint it, the colour changing lipgloss from Essence.

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19 thoughts on “Summer Look # 3

  1. Anne

    Tu es lumineuse… En blanc on a toujours l’air fraiche, mais la touche de bling sur les spartiates ajoute encore de l’effet scintillant… Un adorable petit sac immaculé et je craque aussi devant ce look simple d’été, pas si facile à obtenir dans le dosage. Tu maîtrises parfaitement, par 39°, c’est un exploit !

  2. Imke

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! Enjoy! And love this outfit, so simple yet so pretty!

    Thank you for the lovely early birthday wishes! <3

    Xo, Imke

  3. Sam

    Hi dear Thanks so much for your lovely insight on my last post :)
    Aw enjoy the beautiful Tuscany, hope you get to eat lots of pizza there! Super adorabale outfit, the pastel shorts are so sweet!

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